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how I currently run this site

The easiest way for me to better understand things, is to explain them. The way to explain things here is to write them down.

So I want to write down how I run this blog and how I post, to make next identify what I’m want to improve and what is missing.

This HTML (with some CSS and one image right now) get’s served from an OpenBSD mini VM located at Hetzner. It uses the included relayd and httpd to deliver the statically generated files.
The files get pushed to a folder on this server using rsync over ssh.
Before that they get generated by Jekyll, my static site generator of choice (<3 Ruby!). This is happening on my main workstation that also serves as a home server and always running. This means I can add and create new posts or notes by SSH’ing into that machine and typing things into my terminal window.

A new note gets created by typing rake note which opens neovim and I can type away and thing a bit. If I’m extra easy going I can directly add the note text by using rake note[$NOTETEXT].
Blog posts are set up using jekyll compose -l default "$TITLE" which generates a file I can open and edit like before.

A rake deploy builds the site and does the rsync magic to deliver the build to the web server.

You can see the jekyll “code” in my forge.

It’s a mess. I love it :)